Once Upon Antarctica

Extract from a Guest Post on the Real Scientists Blog

Once upon a time there was an icy continent at the ends of the earth. It was a place for heroes, a geographical place to be conquered, a continent for peace and science, a mineral-rich resource, and a poster child for climate change, each depending on a very human point of view, and each anchored in story.

Most people will never actually go to , so their experience of the place is mediated by texts. Those texts could be diaries, photographs, films, plays, adverts, or scientific papers – what is important is that all contribute to an imagined version of Antarctica which, for the majority who never head south, will remain more ‘real’ than the ice itself. Just as ancient geological processes shaped the Transantarctic ranges, these narratives shape our personal version of the place. Happy Feet aside, what are some of the dominant ways in which we have imagined Antarctica?

To find out, visit the original blog post: http://realscientists.org/2014/10/06/once-upon-antarctica/

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