Antarctic Cows Take III

Last Week I gave a talk here at IMAS about the (now famous) Antarctic Cows. When I headed over to Wisconsin, dairy capital of the USA, I had no idea that I would find such an Antarctic treasure with milky connections. My supervisor and I are currently working on a paper on the topic, but I gave an informal presentation to my peers here at IMAS to introduce them to the weird and wonderful tale. Apparently there is wider interest in the topic, as I also got a call from the local ABC radio, asking if I would like to come down to chat about my project on-air. So it was that the American Geographical Society Library got a mention on the Hobart airwaves, and the tale of Iceberg, the most southerly born dairy cow, was spread throughout the city. A recording of the interview is available here (at 1 hour 4 minutes), and the tweets below outline part of that presentation. As for the rest of the details? Well, watch this space!


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