Polar Week

Last week was the APECS Polar Week – a celebration of all things icy from the North and South. One of the events this time around was a 24 hour #TweetYourThesis event. These involve tweeting out your thesis in 140 characters of less – usually there is a limit of 6 tweets, but we were generous and gave everyone an hour. That meant others could ask questions and really get to know more about the projects.

The event was organised by the very clever Alex Thornton of IPECS and APECS. We had glaciologists, penguin biologists, historians, walrus researchers, and advertising all represented – the projects were so interesting they are definitely responsible for some bags under my eyes this week as I catch up on lost sleep! A storify scrapbook of the event is available at the link below, and I’ve put together my section of tweets too, as another page in this blog-y scrapbook of my PhD. Looking back to a year ago, it is amazing how much I have learnt, and how far along my thinking has come. Whether or not that is actually reflected in my tweets and my writing remains to be seen, but I do have another 2 years still to go…



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