APECS Online Conference

Polar Science: Through New Eyes

APECS Online Conference 2016 – Session 1 from APECS Webinars on Vimeo.

May 18th was a busy day for me, as it heralded the 2016 APECS Online Conference. APECS is the Association of Polar Early Career Scientists, and when I am not busy writing my PhD, I also serve on the Executive Committee of the international organisation. Our mission? “to stimulate interdisciplinary and international research collaborations, and develop effective future leaders in polar research, education and outreach” – this involves making polar science visible, helping our Early Career Researcher peers to share their work and find new opportunities, and creating opportunities for future polar experts.

Storify highlights from conference:


The annual online conference is a great way of showcasing the amazing projects that are happening all over the world, and the fact that it is all done remotely via webinar makes it accessible to those in very far flung places. This event had been several months in the making, and with 35 abstracts submitted from all over the globe, it took quite some logistics to bring all the timings together across the five sessions. Of course, it was all worth it when the speakers took to the virtual stage, and one by one showed us ways of looking at the polar regions through very new eyes.

Huge thanks to Rachel Downey and Lorna Thurston (my co-organisers) for turning this conference into a reality, and to the members of the APECS ExCom who stepped in to moderate sessions and take care of the technical elements.

I look forward to seeing where all these presenters end up in future!

  • The event was shared on twitter, with the hashtags #APECS2016 and #APECS16. Recordings of the five sessions are available here.

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